Video : Creating The “Mouse” Minecraft C4D Model

Every time I do a cave scene I feel a mouse here and there is needed. So today I bite the bullet and created a model just for that occasion. Now this is a basic model with no features but you are free to use it. You can watch how I…

Rabbit Model

Video : Creating The “Rabbit” Minecraft C4D Rig

With the addition of Rabbits in the latest Snapshot I though a FREE rig would go down well.  You can watch how I made it in the video above then if its something you want then grab it for FREE over at this link.

Hell Cow

Video : Creating The “Hell Cow” Minecraft C4D Rig

Welcome to the first C4D rig download from me and hopefully it will be the first of many.  I am going to plan on releasing a new model each week as well as continue to update previous models with new things I pick up.  All the downloads will be via…


Creating a Minecraft Dolphin C4D Model

I figured I would show you what goes into creating each of the models I make.  Compared to the others I have made this one took about an hour just to get the modelling done.  I have yet to rig it up and add all the extra details.  If you…

The Uncrafting Table

Twilight Forest Uncrafting Table Model

The Uncrafting table can be found in the Twilight Forest Mod – I wanted to release a pack for C4D that isn’t available out there so what better mod to work on than one EVERYONE has used at some point.  If you would like to get the BASIC pack as…

The Elder Guardian

Minecraft Elder Guardian C4D Rig

After building the initial Guardian rig this one was very easy to make.  All I needed to do was increase the overall size and just apply the new textures.  I think the Elder looks more fierce than the standard Guardian.  


Minecraft Guardian C4D Rig

This is the first rig I have ever made and I have to say I am extrememly proud of it.  Now when I made this and Tweeted out a few images I was automatically accused of stealing @Weedlion own rig.  Now I know when this happens you should just ignore…